Taxi in Manila - "UNripoff"


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Aug 18, 2011
I'll never cease to be amazed by human nature.
Taxi today in Manila. White meter job.
Got back to my hotel from airport golf club. Meter read 415 pesos. I peeled off 450 ($12) and offered it up. Taxi driver said "No, that meter is broken. It is 250"
I was stunned for a moment and climbed out of taxi before remembering to give him an extra 50.
My reference point being the hotel car from yesterday which was 4,000, I had thought 450 was a bargain!!
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I had something very similiar in Yangon. About a third of what I was told the fare would be. but I did remember the tip.
Tried to get a taxi back to hotel from Fort Santiago
Metered rate is 300-360 depending on traffic.
Taxi driver asked for 2,000 on opening door, then when I baulked, dropped immediately to 1,500.
Told him to get lost.....
My faith in the grubby depths of human nature is restored. 😃😃😃.