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Suggest the new name for Virgin Australia


Active Member
Jul 26, 2019
Based on the latest inputs and updates about the reduced offering from Virgin Australia and the issues with Sir Branson on Virgin branding , I guess the current owners will rebrand the airline's name as BAA .

Throw in your innovative hat and suggest some funny ( not so ) names for the VA--> LCC option.


Junior Member
Jul 26, 2014
I'll get in first, Fantastic airlines ;) (edit: Beaten)

Even if they don't go with being an LCC, I always felt the $10 million + spend on the virgin licensing was not good value and making their own branding would save a bit of money, but not diminish the service to the end customers.

The front runner would probably be Velocity Australia. Other options could include them swiping the Trans Australian Airlines trademark as Qantas has let the trademark lapse or buy the Ansett trademark from the administrator.
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Mar 12, 2016
A little OT and politically incorrect however it used to be discussed in our office that the new travelers often selected Virgin and after traveling came to understand why it was called Virgin.

"Once you have used it you know it is f***ed".


Active Member
Aug 30, 2003
They really should re-name the carrier Tiger #2 and just be honest about it. Nothing about this carrier resembles Virgin Airlines as it was. And that saves paying Branson the $10+ million a year licensing fee for using the Virgin name.

If inflight coach service is now pared down to a cup of water and a granola bar (only if you ask for one) they need to come clean. No Wifi, no lounges, and RyanAir catering - it is exactly Tiger #2

Velocity Airlines makes for more sense really, as Velocity is the only part of the buy that has ANY $$$ value at all, and the only part has EVER made any money, and is well known, and avoids the Branson royalty.

I have been a Platinum Velocity flyer for 10 years and never flew Tiger during that time, and am not going to start now.

Velocity Program will cease to be a cash cow *SUPER* fast of course, which BAIN fail to realise, as the only reasons folks bother to actively acquire points via Velocity credit cards, ebay spends, partner offers, FlyBuys etc, (all of which earns Velocity their money) is to ASPIRE for a lay flat biz flight award seat to Perth, Hong Kong, Fiji, LA or NZ etc, and none of that is ever going to occur going forward, and the public are smart enough to work that out VERY fast.

Virgin Elites get nothing now – no lounges, no overseas partner SC earns, a few upgrade certs from mega top $$$ priced economy tickets to a ‘’Business’’ cabin that has no booze on many flights we are reading, no WiFi, no lounges nationally, and a cup of Maggi instant Noodles as full ‘’catering’’, and ‘’sorry Sir, we ran out of wine last month.’’

American born HRDLICKA the new CEO’s last job was heading the A2 Milk Company – maybe Tiger#2 will offer milk instead of water? Oops she was pushed out of that job, as she did not fit in at all there, and clashed with the Board, so maybe not!

No business traveller in this country will choose Tiger #2. Few revenue seats will hence be sold, and a huge headache for BAIN – all entirely of their own making. My hunch is a large chunk of occupied Biz seats right now, are with folks frantically burning points. OR they assumed usual Biz Class lounges, meals, wine, and entertainment were part of the ticket - silly them!

The current ‘’30% off Business Class tickets’ sale’ was a naked con. A very expensive cup of Maggi instant Noodles!

Tiger #2 coach fares are often over DOUBLE what Tiger #1 charged - now $199 one way SYD-ADL – they are DREAMING - the flying public are not stupid. They will soon choose Qantas EVERY time unless fares are under half that, and then BAIN goes bust twice as quick. LOSE-LOSE scenario.

BAIN CAPITAL have downright lied to everyone. Misled the Federal Government, the hard working staff, the Unions, their Elites, and especially the Queensland Government, who it weirdly seems have stumped up big money for a small share in Tiger #2. They should have bought a share in REX.

I feel sorry for them all. Sorrier still for the poor souls who have $1000s of travel bank credits from cancelled Business Class long haul flights to somehow now use on expensive Tiger #2 no-frills domestic flights. Or still own large amounts of miles that might get them a toaster or a shaver etc until the redemption path quietly closes down.

Like many other older heads, who lived through the Ansett collapse and lost the lot, I moved my million + Velocity points to SQ 6 months back, and urged others here to consider doing the same. THEY still have long haul lie-flat seat planes flying, to burn points on - that much is already evident.

Just call it Tiger#2 and at least be honest about it.

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