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Jul 11, 2008
Not sure if this is the right sub-forum, but quick question on stopovers, and adding flights (multiple airlines).

I'm looking at a one-way SYD-HNL-LIH-HNL-LAX (QF-HA-HA-AA) for April next year with a 5 day stopover in LIH.

Using ITA Matrix, Booking through Qantas, it books as SYD-LAX one way and then single tickets for the HNL-LIH-HNL legs on Hawaiian Airlines. I'll be leaving on the first Sunday of April school holidays and the current Qantas fare for SYD-HNL-LAX is very competitive at $1,190. To book in the inter-island flights, I'd have to ring Qantas and get a price as I can't do it on the website yet and the expedia's/webjets of the world don't appear to be able to match the ITA prices.

I've been reviewing timings for 3 or 4 months and it seems AA doesn't get competitive pricing on these sorts of codeshares until about 8 months before the flight when it undercuts Qantas by about $200 across the 4 legs but I suspect by the time September comes around, Qantas will have upped their fare by about $500 or so so I'll be paying $300 extra to get 4-AA flights

If I run SYD-HNL-LIH-HNL-LAX through ITA Matrix it is quoting about $260 for the inter-island flights.

So to the questions:
1. The price of the HNL-LIH-HNL legs are showing $260 on ITA (and assume similar through Qantas call centre) compared to $180 +$30 baggage on the HA website. If I book Qantas SYD-HNL-LAX on a QF ticket now, Will Qantas be able to add HNL-LIH-HNL to the ticket at a later date?

2. Would I have to pay an additional amount (other than the cost of the HNL-LIH-HNL flight cost)? (eg Change fees, despite keeping both of the original legs, or re-priced SYD-HNL HNL-LAX flights)

3. By putting the 4 flights on the same itinerary I would retain my Qantas baggage entitlement on the HNL-LIH-HNL legs on HA correct?

4. I would also be covered for re-booking if there are delays on the connecting flights?
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Jan 9, 2014
I shall answer Q3 because it is the easiest.

The rules about checked baggage allowance in the US applies only if they are on the same ticket, so if your intra-Hawaiian flights are not on the same ticket as your QF sectors, you will not be able to rely on the QF baggage allowances on those short flights.
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