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Nov 12, 2012
Just got (and completed) quite a thorough and thoughtful survey from Star Alliance, courtesy my membership of Air Canada Aeroplan (Star Gold status), but it was focussed on the alliance, not the airline.

it took a good 10 minutes to complete and I liked the structure - seemed genuinely wanting to find out my likes and dislikes and what I want out of the alliance.

There were about 12 various combinations of questions like this:

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This was an interesting one. I naturally answered 'yes', and naturally it then came straight back and asked, OK, what extras do you want? ;)

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I said that I didn't feel any particular status love on some of my recent flights (airlines have been Air Canada, Austrian, Lufthansa, Sing Air, Swiss; Austrian was the culprit) ... this was just the simple truth, they didn't ask if it particularly bothered me much, but then they zoomed in: :oops:

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Next the agree / disagee thing, and after that, exactly the same questions in respect of my oneWorld membership.

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As I said, I liked this survey, not only because it seemed to ask me what I thought and I didn't feel I was that restricted in what I replied, but also because its aimed at improving the alliance experience.

I wish OneWorld would do such (or send me one); by comparison with Star Alliance, OneWorld seems less like an alliance than a loose confederation of warring tribes.
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