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SQ PPS - worth it ?

Dec 21, 2006
LT Gold
A question for the SQ experts :

Got close to PPS membership with SQ after a busy year of flying with them in J and a little bit in F (on my own dime..) and SQ been good enough to grant me a year's PPS membership - given the current restrictions I would not have made the Sin $25k annual level, so that's nice. Thank you.

But I do wonder whats the benefit of PPS over the separate Krisflyer program ? There appear to be some subtilties like better seat/cabin area selection, possibly better recognition for upgrades etc, but am struggling to appreciate what else.

Given you have to fly J or F to earn PPS - and given that I usually do fly up the front - then you will already have the priorities, lounges etc that come with those premium classes. what makes PPS worth chasing ??


Active Member
Dec 21, 2009
Having been PPS for 4 years now, I must in all honesty say that is really not worth much at all. Pretty well all the documented "benefits" are just things you get anyway by flying J or F. The only real tangible benefits I can see are:
- extended seat selection availibility...in J you can get the front row seats or bassinet seats which is a real bonus.
- you get Krisshop vouchers worth SG$280 for in-flight d/f purchases which is quite worthwhile.
The cabin crew do tend to be super-nice to you as well, but that's about it from my POV.


Junior Member
Sep 16, 2012
What makes it worth chasing beyond the wank factor of PPS club bag tags at airports across SE Asia like CGK?? Not a whole lot..

Was PPS for a couple of years while living in SE Asia, but a pleb KF Silver now. Agree with Whughes3 that the benefits are pretty thin if you're the sort that already flies pays enough in J to qualify for PPS. While most of my work travel while living overseas was on SQ in J, we'd usually fly SQ Y personally. PPS was nice then as you can use the Changi SilverKris lounges as a PPS in Y (J lounge for PPS, F lounge for PPS Solitaire), instead of the infamous old garbage KF Gold lounge that didn't even have its own toilet. Better seat selection and PPS connect were about the only other nice features that stand out. Don't hold your breath on upgrades with SQ either. A QPPS in Y = base level KF in Y as far as recognition/benefits goes. I don't think I ever got a Y>J upgrade on SQ in my time as PPS.

The only time PPS status actually got me a tangible upgrade wasn't even on an SIA flight, it was on Lufthansa during a personal holiday. Upgrades from Y+ to J both ways transatlantic (FRA-JFK and back) for both me and my wife around xmas/new years a few years back. The LH boarding passes actually indicated "SQ *GOLD - QPPS", not just *Gold. Fully packed A330 and 747-8s on both flights given the time of the year, but I think PPS made the difference between being bumped to J above other *G flyers, especially given it was for 2 seats each way.


Feb 15, 2008
This past year I bought a ticket but one ride from SIN to PER didn’t get me to PPS status. I don’t need it.
Oct 31, 2010
My Map
Yes SQ as a policy basically will not upgrade courtesy of status unless flts are oversold. Back in the dark ages when I was doing 10-12 ret Y flts MEL-PVG/PEK annually it was not uncommon to get upgrade to J as *GOLD member when Y cabin oversold - if you fly on your bday you are also eligible for 1 class upgrade but don’t hold your breath otherwise.


Senior Member
Sep 17, 2012
Speaking to my GM yesterday about SQ, he said hes never received a benefit from his PPS status (we were talking about his June cancellations & refunds). What I walked away from the conversation with was me being a pleb, I was getting more benefit from using points for rewards than he was as a paying PPS member.


Junior Member
Dec 23, 2013
The only use of having PPS I find is that where is a wider range of seats being available during peak times when booking tickets in J for the family using KF miles, otherwise to be honest there is no difference between being PPS and not when flying J.

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