SilkAir A320, Singapore to Chengdu (China) in J

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Sep 17, 2012
Hello and hopefully this works, my first trip report.

Flight time, approx 4.5hrs
Depart Changi, Friday approx 6.45pm

Hubby and I flew Syd>Singapore>Chengdu (China) and as I dont see many SilkAir trip reports I thought I would add mine.

We had a 4.5hr layover at Changi and as we were flying J, our boarding pass included an invitation to enjoy the SilverKris Lounge at T2. Nicer than the usual gold class lounge we are use to and the added plus is a nice shower with amenities which was very welcomed.

Negative point. The noise level of the lounge was very high from shouting adults (I actually asked two men to tone it down) and crying running children which made me want to go back to the gold lounge because Ive not experienced that before.

Our gate didnt open until approx 45mins before departure and there was only 3 passengers in J and Y was only half full, lots of empty rows.

Having flown SilkAir a number of times in the past, its the only airline ive flown where I turn my nose up at the food and say hell no and sadly it was not much better in J. There was no printed menu and the lovely steward wasnt a strong english speaker so I heard chicken and said yes and hubby heard soup and said yes. We were offered apple or orange juice on seating, handed our flight socks and sleep mask and later on was offered wine or soft drinks (coke). As from my previous experience with SilkAir, I found the stewards lovely and professional.

The food was as expected and I didnt taste it but hubby said entree was good, the chicken and rice was the better choice, the soup spicy and the dessert yummy.

Having been awake since 3am that morning, I decided to pop a phenergan and get a few hours sleep and I woke an hour or so later with a blanket that the stewart had placed over me (nice and thoughtful of her). Hubby decided to check out the toilets at the front, very small but with the usual amenties like toothbrushes and then moved himself to a different row to not disturb me.

There is no entertainment on the SilkAir flights except for drop down TVs from the roof that plays a no sound needed comic show that involve people being tricked or hurt BUT business class passengers were asked if they wanted a tablet to watch/listen to and headphones. Hubby played with the tablet for a while and then lost interest but the other passenger decided to watch some sitcom show without headphones at full volumne which was annoying but I was soon sleeping again so stopped caring.

On checking out the plane, the seats were very comfortable, ample leg room and I had a very comfortable sleep in full recline but this plane has been rode hard and needs either a refit or upgrade. I understand SilkAir has ordered new planes and none too soon.

Overall a very pleasant flight, good attentive staff and we landed on time. The walk from our plane to the baggage was quite a hike but was assisted with some travelators and escalators and we were soon on the streets on China, nearly getting run over at the pedestrian crossing which in China means cars do not stop for pedestrians.



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Nov 25, 2004
Thanks for the TR, its good to see some less traveled options being covered.
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Aug 20, 2003
I've flown numerous times on Silk Air, never had a problem. Best garlic bread in the sky. Meals out of SIN are usually pretty good and they normally gate to gate cater
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