Second Test, Australia v West Indies, Brisbane 2024

We sat in a middle table with view to the game. We saw all the wickets, interspersed with glasses of red wine. Thankfully after lunch, we moderated our imbibing and only had 1 bottle after lunch (between 8). We decide to not drink the 2010
Day 2 and there was a light drizzle early (around midday) and the covers are now off, the heavy roller is out and looks like play will start on time.

Normally it’s Henschke on Day 2, but a change this year to the Soul Growers (they were meant to be Day 4 last year but no cricket 😣)

Winemaker Stuart and his wines






Don’t you just love it? Remember what Cher sang? How good were the Windies in those halcyon days?
And we need a Captain Grumpy or JL back to teach them how to weather the storm.

Won’t fix the underlying issues in the Windies though unfortunately.
Day 3, oppressive heat again and so I was here early. Borough a bottle of 2014 St Henri for the Maitre’d Jacob who’s looked after us for the last 3 days as well as a bottle of 2010 Henschke Keystone Euphonium for the CEO, Lachlan.

Today is Punters Wines. 🤔




Lunch with Punters top line Shiraz Cabernet. Certainly a step up from the PN, but not as good as yesterdays


Beautifully cooked pork, it’s what we’re eating at the second sitting (dinner) tonight

Needed decanting (only single, whereas a lot of yesterday’s they were double decanting for us). French and American oak, medium finish, probably not worth $330, we’re going back to the PN between meals
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Well I certainly picked the right time to leave the cricket. Last night a massive storm rolled through Brisbane and lots of lightning ⚡️ and thunder even this morning. Now just overcast and much cooler.

First 3 days were so muggy, in the QCC condensation was building up on the outside of the windows and they were having to wipe them regularly so we could see out. Torrid to sit outside- we did it only when we had to.