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Oct 18, 2005
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Apologies if this has been covered recently. I'm looking for a good place to buy good Scotch.

Background: I took an award flight last month. My son and I flew Y and did a kind of TopGear roadtrip of the world. We hired a Jag through Avis Prestige for a whip through Scotland. Only four days but it was fabulous. We found ourselves one evening in a tiny bar north of Tongue where we could drink as much Scotch as we wanted before staggering up to bed - only four bedrooms, one bathroom, but it was a friendly place. We'd been listening to Iain Banks' "Raw Spirit" audiobook, where he talks about Scotch, Scotland, driving, history, personal anecdotes, the Gulf War and a whole bunch of stuff. Just the book for a roadtrip.

We'd stopped in at the Glenlivet distillery earlier, had a dram and wanted to compare it with others from Islay and elsewhere. We found a friendly bloke who obliged and the barmaid was happy to share her experience. Great evening!

When we got back to Edinburgh we had a dinner in the shadow of Barclay Viewforth that seemed to be mostly Scotch and that was fun as well.

Anyway, I didn't want to burden myself down with duty free grog too much, so we waited until the final flight when we had sixteen hours in SIN (room at the airside hotel, sleep and shop). We bought four bottles (and a few miniatures) of Scotch. Laphroiag, Glenfiddich 18YO, nice stuff without going overboard.

They had a few special deals and I took advantage, but what I really wanted was a bottle of Scapa. I'd picked it as a favorite at first taste, but although it was available in SIN, the limits and the deals didn't quite work out.

So, where do people buy Scotch when not travelling? My next overseas trip won't be till April, and my supplies will have run out by then.


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Apr 16, 2011
I only buy scotch whilst overseas but I do , 5-6 trips per year.. So I have ample opportunities to stock up. Alternatively you can ask a mate or resort to Dan Murphy's using quibble/start here with wish giftcards.
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