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Jun 23, 2011
I had an issue with QF discussed in another post – Basically there seemed to be a fault /insanity in the booking system. When making a return international flight the cash price was $500+$600 , but when taking one of the legs as a classic award the other leg was suddenly repriced as $1000 more. So a cash ticket was $1100 but a Classic + cash was $1900.


Within QF I got the run around - FFlyer – reservations – Customer care. Res staff could see the insanity – some gave me a specious argument ( as did some AFF members) and some were just puzzled, passed it to supervisors and trainers but no results.

At this stage I could have readily taken the matter to the ACA. I had made complaints, had the “evidence“ in the form of screen shots and enough diary details to show how I had asked QF to fix it and got no joy.

No to be deterred (given this was the third IT glitch that had cost me dearly) I sent a registered letter to AJ. No response after a week so I gave up and sent it all to ACA.

No personal contact from the ACA - just automatic emails and a log on to see progress.

But the ACA certainly made a difference. I received calls from a nice person near the CEO’s office I guess.

It took a week or two to solve the problem - but they did. Not just for me but everyone trying to make a joint Classic/ cash International booking.

When we almost had a solution the nice QF lady sounded hmm stressed a little “Can we close it off now? Can I advise the ACA? It seemed that needed to meet that ever closing deadline.

When I read her email – well we didn’t have a complete solution. But the progress after that was rapid. “now can I advise the ACA?

So it seems clear to me that the very presence of the ACA makes a difference. If not to the outcome (in this case) then, certainly to the velocity. That alone is enough to make me smile.

As it happens, given this was a slightly different approach, the Advocate herself called me to check if it was all closed off. We had a brief chat off topic: All I can say is that she seems the right person for the job… Practical, and not too bureaucratic / legalistic.

Anyone else car to share their experience for the benefit of others?


Jun 7, 2013
A most interesting post because given that the ACA is an 'internal' initiative of the two main airline groups in Oz, confirmation that it is not just window dressing is good.

There will be some intractable 'problems' that she cannot solve, such as why both main airline groups refuse to lower fuel surcharges (a comment that applies to some international competitors as well) or why QF charges more in surcharges for FF redemption add on fee compared to VA.
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