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Dave Noble

Senior Member
Oct 10, 2005
simongr said:
But now a new world of routings is open to me and I am willing to waive some issues re routings etc for the option of F. BUT AA F class is NOT real F for short long haul - so before I book a J seat and up grade I want to make sure I am not upgrading to REAL J...

Im confused here. If you are on a business class ticket, you will automatically be booked into First Class on AA on a 2 class service so there would be nothing to upgrade to. If on a 3 class service, you would be booked in J and so there would be a proper 1st class cabin to upgrade to



Jul 10, 2006
NM said:
Any AA flight that books you into business class and has a first class cabin has real First Class. The only aircraft that fit that description for AA are their 767-200s used trans-continental (e.g. LAX-JFK) and their 777 aircraft flying international routes.

At both NM and Dave Noble - that was the "real" F class I was talking about. On my LAX-JFK flight I saw the F class and was not overly impressed. The J seat on JFK-LHR was also not up to the standard of a skybed on my flight but I guess teh F would be ok.

In terms of book J with an upgrade to F I am only talking long haul. Say if I could do my next DONE4 SYD-LHR-JFK on AA and upgrade to F there - havent checked routings but just wondering.

WHen I said about upgrading to real J - I meant on the 3 class domestic route in the US as most of my flights are going to be SYD-LAX-JFK-LHR-SYD for the next 18 months


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
The 762 F seats are not sleeper beds, but these are 5 hour trans-continental services. At least in F they serve the fAAmous Icecream Sundays. I have not flown US trans-continental F (I always use QF017 and upgrade J -> F with points), but I am told the service is very good and the food is excellent for any domestic flight anywhere.

I have used the 762 F seat (substituted for a 763 on LAX-ORD) and found it very nice for a daytime flight. In fact, it is probably more comfortable for sitting than the QF or CX F seats. But for an overnight red-eye flight, I would prefer a sleeper seat.
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