Rtw Trip - Us/canada/hk

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Apr 19, 2006
Hello Everyone,

I have a newie to this site and have found your abundant information very comprehensive and have learnt heaps. THANKS

But was hoping you can assist me for my future plan for a RTW for my family for 3 travelling to Canada visiting family in Toronto. On the way, we are expecting to stop off in LA and then returning to MEL via HKG.

Is the RTW the best option for price and QFF pts. I am a GOLD QFF and also would like to use obtain upgrades to business. Also can you upgrade to business when purchasing a RTW fare.

Also I would like to keep my gold status and only have 140 sc to retain by 31 Jan 07. But planning to make the RTW trip in late FEB/MAR. Any suggestions to obtain the req SC for retain gold.

Your assistance in the above is greatly appreciated
Not open for further replies.

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