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Mar 21, 2006
Hi All,

Been reading the forum for a while now but this is me first post – love all your great tips.

In Late September through to December this year, 2 of us are looking to do a round the world trip in business class.

This is where we want to visit (in order):

Brisbane (where we live) – Christchurch (for a family event) – London – Rome – Toronto – Santiago – Back to Brisbane

Not sure about the best routing????
and if the Christchurch leg is possible because I think it would mean backtracking ?

Been looking on bestflights.com.au but would love some help.

I am Bronze QF member and my travelling partner Gold. Would love to stick to One world to earn the points and status but if there is a major price dif would switch to other carriers.

Any ideas on the best deal around for this trip, best routing to take and if it is possible would be much appreciated!



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Feb 15, 2005
If you were to fly with a Oneworld Explorer ticket, possible routing could be:

1 Brisbane to Sydney (QF)
2 Sydney to Christchurch (QF)
3 Christchurch to Auckland (QF)
4 Auckland to Hong Kong (CX)
5 Hong Kong to London (QF, BA or CX)
6 London to Rome (BA)
7 Rome to London (BA)
8 London to Toronto (BA)
9 Toronto to New York (AA)
10 New York to Santiago (LA)
11 Santiago to Sydney (LA)
12 Sydney to Brisbane (QF)

Note that this would be a five continent trip - which bumps the price up about another $1000 - can be avoided if you skip Santiago.

You would have another 8 flights that you could use for perhaps a side trip in Europe, US or Asia - certainly worthwhile to maximise the value of the ticket, and FF earning potential

Dave Noble

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Oct 10, 2005
Rather than paying for a 5 continent DONE5, for this itinery I think that a DGLOB would be better; this would be about AUD1100 cheaper

A routing of BNE-AKL-CHC-AKL-HKG-LHR-FCO-LHR-YYZ-MIA-SCL-SYD-BNE is 32,268 miles , fitting nicely in the 34,000 mile limit. Cost for a DGLOB34 is AUD9609 compared with AUD10709 for a DONE5

Both are plus taxes. I would suggest a call to the AA ATW desk and get a pricing to determine taxes

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