Regional Fun - Sydney Armidale

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Jim Walsh

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Sep 20, 2011
Not as fancy as all you J and F class flyers but I bet none of you were picked up and handed a Coopers long neck as you got in the ute at the other end.

Had to go to collect the new dog so sent the family up early in the car and flew up on points to Armidale - 8000 points and $17 in taxes. The first thing you notice about flying regional is everyone talks to each other - none of this staring intently into you phone playing candy crush. After walking past the business flyer gate it was chalk and cheese to walk down to the gate and people are asking each other how their mutual friends are.

On the bus to the plane 14 year old DHC-8 VH-TQZ parked way out the back and on we get.

Captain fires up the props and you get that lovely harmonics when they get the revs right, then a 45 minute taxi out, must make the concept of automated electric tugs seem a great idea. Off we go with a lovely vista of the city for our 45 minute flight - not right when you spend more time taxiing than you do flying
Nice and cosy inside
Obligatory legroom shot
Nice snack, they really raced up and back serving and cleaning up and being in the cheap seats down the back managed to sneak in 3 reds
Its funny being on the last flight of the night as everyone is gone in 15 minutes and your standing there wondering if your brother has forgotten to pick you up, quick call - "Where are you", "I'm in the bottle shop so shutup"
So post flight beverage for the 60 minute trip to the farm and a photo of the dog
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