QTMC Qantas Travel Money Card: OTP one time code 6 digit

Feb 9, 2014
Just something to note about the QTMC/Qantas Travel Money Card.
When you buy with most/some cards, credit/debit, you will be sent a small note on checkout, and it will ask for your bank name/email/phone number.
QTMC has this with Mitchells now, where they will send that 6 digit OTC to your email address.
Not all places have this, but at the least Mitchell has, as a fraud prevention measure.
So if you buy from this place, or other places, have your email address open on a webpage, or your mobile phone close by.
Easy to not do, then have to find your phone, open a webpage to your email address.
Have used QTMC many times, and am happy with it, good that they have this, ie, sending the code out.