qff hotels usa?

Discussion in 'Your Questions' started by jp, Jul 9, 2002.

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  1. jp

    jp Newbie

    Jul 9, 2002
    As a new qff member can anyone advise on how I get points for hotels partners etc credited to my card? Will various hotels insist I join their own programs (and transfer points) or is it direct to qff?
    Also any other advice would be welcome.

  2. dajop

    dajop Senior Member

    Jul 1, 2002
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    Depends on where u are staying. If u intend to use Hilton, join the Hiltonhhonors program, you get both qff points (auto transferred if u list your qff no on your hilton profile) + hilton points. In other instances, I think it is easier to join a program eg starwood preferred guest (sheraton, W, Westin) or marriot rewards etc and get your points transferred thru these than dealing with check in staff who don't even know who or what Qantas is.
  3. shillard

    shillard Guest

    Most major hotels in the US will credit your QFF account directly, but you're usually better off joining their loyalty programmes for free over the web, and scoring a few thousand bonus points in the process. You can then transfer these to your QFF account.

    The best are the Starwood programme and Priority Club Worldwide. Both offer a load of small benefits in addition to points accumulation, particularly if you spend a lot of time away from home each year.
  4. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
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    QFF Hotels USA

    Agree with Shillard, as i have just returned from a 3 week trip which included hotels in USA - Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott.

    With overseas hotels, you simply get 1,500 FF points, irrespective of $ spent. With Australian hotels, it's dependent on $ spent (but generally 5 points/$).

    HHonors is definitely the best for FF "Double Dipping" (which is actively encouraged by Hilton in their Members Guide), but watch out, you may also get some front desk staff that haven't been correctly briefed. Of course, triple dipping is available when you also use a credit card that you receive points on and quad dipping when yuo then transfer the $ spent on one card to another using balance transfer. Hey, it's legal...and I've been using this ploy for years.

    Also, a little known fact - flash your boarding pass from the flight that you arrived on and you receive 250 bonus points in Hilton HHonors. Insist on it (as I had to in London, when I had to pull out the Members Guide to show the staff member), yet the next day in New York, no problems at all!!

    Then if you aren't going to use it regularly, transfer the point back into your Qantas FF membership account.


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