QF SCS earn, calculator versus earning table? Lost VA WP here...

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Apr 2, 2012
Hi all. I apologise if this is a stupid question, I've tried to self serve the data but QF's website makes me have complete doubt for my sanity when reading about SCs earnt.

I'm a self funded VA Plat who's got some potential business funded work travel soon (our corporate airline is QF) and I'm trying to work out what I will be up for earn wise as I might actually have a chance to chase some status.

The new ultra long earning table refers to regions rather than flat distances per sector- are these 'regions' still per sector or are they per flight?

My potential upcoming work trip would be from SYD to Miami in J, probably via DFW.

On the Earning calculator as two segments (it won't allow SYD-MIA) this is 180+80 SCs (I'm assuming I won't be in flexible J). However there's a line in the Qantas earning table which states Australia to the east coast of the US earns 280 in non-flexible business. Which is true?

I'm also looking at booking a couple of personal trips I've got coming up into a mix of Qantas and partner J (do I dare fly MH...? their J fares are about others' Y for what I'm looking at) which I think would net me 240 SCs. These two things combined (if they work out) should get me across the line to QF Gold which is pretty worthwhile.

Plus if I earn the status, maybe I start moving all my personal flying across eh? We'll see!Really appreciate any feedback, specifically on the question of the table versus the earning calculator. Or anything obvious I'm missing...
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Mar 16, 2009
It will be the 180+80 (Two seperate flight numbers to get to MIA, so the AU- East Coast America doesn't apply).
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