QF J awards on US - Canada Flights?

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Nov 1, 2011
Hi All,
Just need clarification about AA's classes on a DFW - YYC/YVR flight as they relate to QF award travel.

This is what I know:
1. QF J awards book into Y on AA domestic flights unless it's on a 3 class trans-continental service.
2. AA flights to the Caribbean / Mexico are 2 class (Y & J) and the AA website lists its AAdvantage fares as Y and "Business/First", not as Y & F.
3. The AA website lists US to Canada AAdvantage fares the same way i.e. Y and “Business/First”, not as Y & F
4. The QF award flight search designates US – Caribbean AA classes as Y or J but it designates US – Canada AA classes as Y or F (despite AA itself designating its
awards on both routes identically as “Business/First”).
5. From personal experience I know that a QF J award itinerary books into the "Business/First" cabin on Caribbean flights but what about US to Canada flights?

If I’m on a QF J award itinerary will I get a seat at the pointy end on an AA flight from DFW – YYC?
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Not open for further replies.