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QF FF Partner Cancellation - Points deducted, fees paid

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Jul 28, 2012
I booked a return flight for Mrs Jimmy124 and myself from Fiji one month ago, and on 17 July my points and fees for taxes were deducted.

Of course, we opted not to fly direct, Nadi to Syd - and had booked and what I thought issued, Nadi to Auckland on Fiji Airways with a six hour transit in Auckland, and then Auckland to Sydney on the Emirates 380. I have Miss Jimmy124 (3 years old) on 550 SC for her mileage year , and a couple of other small SC flights before her mileage year end on 31DEC14, and paid for a fare for her return as opposed to points redemption and will see Miss Jimmy124 reach gold.

With a week to depart, I thought I would log onto my profile, and was not sure if it was my inadequate deft maneuverability of the website was the cause, but I could not locate the AKLSYD sector. I phoned earlier today, I was advised that it had dropped off the system. I was advised as the booking originated in Fiji, for whatever reason, by the time it was processed the EK booking from AKL to SYD had dropped off. There was no indication this had occurred, my full points had been deducted, my taxes had been debited. I then advised Mrs Jimmy124 and I were traveling with Miss Jimmy124 and would receive communication within 24 hours.

I cannot imagine our surprise to return on departure in Fiji only to be advised in Fiji, we were only ticketed to Auckland! To have booked, points deducted, taxes and fees paid five weeks prior to departure, there is no way I would have imagined our flights from Auckland to Sydney would have been cancelled.

Just a small anecdote to check your partner awards, particularly if the departure is outside Australia. It may have auto-cancelled without your knowledge. Better to know before you depart, rather than on check-in on your departure.
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Nov 4, 2008
Looks like they deducted your "return" key too


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Mar 17, 2014
What ended up happening? Did QF sort it out or leave you to deal with EK?

I have a related question: I'm contemplating booking KUL-BNE in J on MH as a partner reward with QF points, rather than an MH reward. (It's significantly more in points, but once my altitude card stops paying full points on ATO, it will be harder for me to earn MH points than QF).

If I book that as a partner award, and then something happens to MH in the meantime (while it seems very unlikely, assume it goes under completely), will QF get me home or leave me to sort it out? Will they refund the points?

I assume if it was a codeshare, QF would take responsibility, but because I use my QF points for pretty much domestic J only, I've never booked a non-codeshare partner award with QF points.
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