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Qantas unusual login activity email alerts [Awardwallet?]


Senior Member
Aug 21, 2011
I've received 4 emails like this one from Qantas in the past 2 days:

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 4.46.31 pm.png

I hadn't received an email like this before, so after getting the first one (and verifying that it was indeed from Qantas), I changed the PIN on my frequent flyer account. But since then I've received 3 more emails, and I'm convinced there's nothing suspicious happening with my account. One came through when Award Wallet did an account update, and the rest were all me. (I'm away from home so maybe it thinks it's suspicious that I'm logging in from a new IP address - although I did enter the 2FA code without issue when logging in.)

My question is - are these alerts a new thing? And is anyone else getting bombarded with alerts for activity that's not really that suspicious?

I can understand why these emails might be useful, but if I keep getting them several times per day I'm going to just start ignoring them.
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Jun 12, 2012
I have been getting these for some time when logging in on a desktop/laptop. Never get anything when logging in on the app. I spoke with QFF this morning about it and was told they are aware of this, but should not be getting the notice once you have responded with "yes it was me" and use the same computer as the one used for the response. The strange thing is, I keep getting different log in locations while using the same IP address and location. I do have Award Wallet, but all my notifications have been when I log in myself and nothing via Award Wallet.