Qantas cuts corporate sponsorships

I think it's only the beginning of corporate sponsorships either ceasing or being scaled way back for many years.
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Agreed. There’s no point marketing a product that most of the country is banned from using in any meaningful way.
With no Rugby sponsorship there's no reason to stay in Sydney.

Maybe they really are going to move to another city? :p:cool:
Let's not forget that Qantas have an incredibly powerful brand marketing engine. They get a lot of free publicity in the media without having spend the big $$$ on sponsorships. I'm betting their "Great Southern Land" scenic flight, will buy them a huge amount of media coverage, as have various other publicity stunts (such as ULH "test" flights) over the years that have kept the brand prominent.
Not in the same league as the Wallabies, Socceroos and Aussie cricketers, but add the Darwin Turf Club to the list of those who have lost Qantas sponsorship


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Remember when Ansett invested huge amounts of money into sponsorship of the 2000 Sydney Olympics? That worked out well for them... ;)

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