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Qantas Credit Voucher - Will This Work?

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Apr 2, 2013
Hi Guys

My wife has a QANTAS credit voucher for $880 as a result of some booking confusion we had last year (our fault). It was for a Domestic CNS-DRW flight. the expiry date for the voucher is in October 2014. As we work as expats in a very remote location we are very limited in when we can take time off and the second half of this year is no good for us to re-book something as I can't join my wife due to the work commitments.

Someone suggested we use the voucher to book an International flight as this will extend the date beyond October 2014........:p

We do have vague plans to go to NZ early next year and I was wondering, in the absence of a specific date, can I just use the voucher to book any flight to NZ for September/October 2015. Then sometime later this year, when we know the real date, we go online and change it again, i.e. to something like January 2015. Will this work?

Thanks for any help!


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