Qantas comping WP...?

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Aug 14, 2012
Hi All,
Been a long time between posts. Curiosity question, I only earned 135 SC’s this year. Anniversary date was yesterday and I was expecting to be dropped back to Gold. Logged in and see I’ve retained platinum. I know there used to be a 3 year average unwritten rule but given my travel was so light this year I don’t think I would’ve met that threshold...
Anyone else in the same boat today?
Bugger. I was afraid of that !
My husband is in the same boat with a 31 Oct anniversary date. He only got 465 SCs this year this was his first WP year. We are quietly hoping the error/bonus holds so we can access the lovely FLounge in January...!
The answer usually comes on the 4th or 5th of the month.
The system holds people for a few days in case there are any straggling SCs from the last few days of your membership year,
Anniversary 31/10. 10 years as WP and only 320 SC’s this year. Rang the FF line, and was transferred to a retention team. They confirmed the 3 year average rule did previously exist but was not an option in my case, and then offered me “ pay to retain” WP at 120000 points As of today still showing WP online and 0 SC’s but without formal communication of a a comp it isn’t going to stick.
I’m back to SG. Couldn’t justify the 120k points when my points earning has dried up of late.

Waiting for a DSC offer to consider trying for WP again. If one doesn’t come there’s a strong chance I’ll drop back to PS
But dont fret, you will discover the many benefits of not having to be like a pet rat running in a wheel just to maintain the status quo.

Benefits such as best fare of day and eating proper food.

There is much life outside of the lounges.

What, you mean it's possible to do better than DIY toasted sandwiches??? :eek:
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The current standard offer..
And is 120k whether you're on 320SCs or 1120SCs

I have just had that offer in a phone call from QF
I am 200 SC short of WP - have managed to maintain for 15 years, albeit with a "3 year average" one year.
I asked about the 3 year deal and she said it wasn't available any more. Is this correct?
I'd love to hear if someone has received it.
Qantas are doing the lovely predictive analytics

Either they think you’re a Sure Thing to say Yes or Persuadable
Maybe more "they have a lot of points, lets try to reduce out liability".
A long term platinum who keeps spending their points might have a better chance of being comped if they are short one year then someone with a lot of points.
Interesting thread. I'm unlikely to retain WP after 2020 as I'm not going to be doing much premium cabins flying next year. I would qualify under the 3yr average policy, which seems no longer applies, and I could easily fork out the 120k pts to retain WP. But this is still 12months away so who knows what may change in that period.
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