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Jun 4, 2004
Whats the story? After all these years and complaints HSBC stil lhave not corrected their 2x Points for Qantas Mascot spends? After calling Woolworth today agent told me incorrect information - I should contact Qantas to recive those bonus points Asked to speak to supervisor as I am not used to incomepetence (today I called United 1K line had flights changed, Global upgrade refunded then reapplied to my new flights and my credit card charged for change fee -all in 5minits - Another call to Qantas to change flights on a Qantas ASA 5 minites to do and receive a refund on the now cheaper flights MEL-SYD-ADL
Is there a test for incompetence you have to pass to work in this call centre? Finally after a second agent told me I was going round in circles - I told here this is the fourth time I have requested from her to speak with her supervisor and that it was she going round and round in circles when she said customers cannot speak with team leaders or supervisors - she transferred me to a Team Leader - I asked for compensation - was offered 2000 Points compensation which I accepted - good - she helped me immediately and understood exactly what I was talking about in terms of Qantas bonus points - so they will investigate this and get back to me in 3 biz days - this conversation ntook about 5 minutes - a shame the initial 2 customer service agents couldn't help
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