Qantas app changes seat when checking in?


Jul 8, 2020
Happened on Friday and today.

We had row 6 reserved (WP if that matters) and after online check-in boarding pass showed row 9 on Friday and row 5 today. (Which we ended up in, not a big deal for short domestic flights but weird that it changed during check-in)

Is that a new thing? Usually, the seats don't change when checking in for domestic flights and I keep the seats selected month ago.
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Had something similar happen to me on a BNE to SYD flight.

Changed seat selection from Row 17 to Row 5 at T-80.

The app put me in Row 6 just before boarding.

Didn’t complain for one row difference on such a short flight.
This would not be the app per sé, but QF via Amadeus I imagine. Why? Well that would be interesting to know....
Yeah, I’ve not seen this behaviour ever as 1x or 2x WP(s).

Also interesting to know what route?
I had a similar experience as QF Gold flying J. Did online check in the minute it opened and we got our Row 2 D/F seats, and put said boarding passes in phone wallet. Next day, at departure, opened the app, and saw we had been moved to 3D/F, and wallet boarding pass updated accordingly. When onboard, turned out one of the seats in row 2 was broken, so to keep us together, they re-allocated our seats. So in this case, operational reasons. They did have someone sitting in the non-stuffed seat.
Ours was BNE-ADL and return.
Original seats that we had occupied by others.
Wonder if next time we just don't check-in online and do it at the airport
I’ve had something similar happen, but much worse and I’m quite livid! For a few months now (since booked) I’ve been in 31J (as no window seats were available when I booked of an A380 SYD-LHR. All was good, until check in open and I’ve been booted all the way back to 40J.
Quite unimpressed as a Platinum for some years now (though of course don’t know status of other pax)

Hoping that someone in a better seats pays for an upgrade or there is a no show, but won’t hold my breathe….
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