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Primary and Secondary FF number

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Sep 15, 2005
Hi All

Not sure if my FF goggles are getting blurry, but was there post explaining how to have multiple FF numbers on a per sector flight?

Flying from (AA) ATL-DFW-LAX on a non earning (QF) class. So I wanted to add my AA number (Primary) but also have my QF number (Secondary) in there for status. Its really only for the pre-boarding, so its not a biggy.
But then I have a QF Flight LAX-BNE in non earning AA class (So no G/P challenge) :( , so then I need to have no AA FF in there.

From reading around, CheckMyTrip should have something like.

Frequent flyer: American Airlines - AA******
American Airlines - QF******
Qantas Airways - QF******

Is that correct?? So the first AA is for the points and the second is for the status.

Bit of a side issue is QF got me the PNR from the AA record locator, but for some reason it doesn't have the ATL-DFW flight on there. So im not sure if the QF PNR is going to be used at all until I hit the QF flight. Which would mean the process needs has to work with AA system, rather than just the QF Amadeus PNR like checkmytrip.




Sep 15, 2005
Wouldnt you know it. As soon as I hit the "Post button" the handy "Similar Threads" had the post I was looking for.... Nice work with the new forum software..

Please post if there is anything specific I need to know. (besides what's in OZMal "Adding a secondary FF number to booking" or the 2 FT treads...
Geez, my goggles must have been foggy.... :oops:

Not open for further replies.

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