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Jun 18, 2002
As some of you may know, credit card companies (and other organisations) often offer bonuses to their card-holders (or customers) for referring their products to others. Often these bonuses are given to both the referrer and referee.

This is clearly a win-win situation!

As you also may know, AFF has a strict “no commercial post” policy. This includes “not selling or trading products or services” that we have been interpreting to include referrals.

Given the obvious benefit to all, we have now revised this policy to allow our members to offer referrals to others, but only within this forum.

AFF members who have the ability to create a signature may advertise their referrals in their signature, with a link to their post in this forum only.

Who can use this Forum
  • Anyone (including visitors) can read all threads and posts in this forum; but
  • Only AFF Members who have been an AFF member for at least 30 days, have made at least 10 posts and have gained a reaction score of at least 3 can post in this forum.

Instructions for making a post
If you wish to offer a referral you need to make the offer in this forum. Offers made in other forums will be deleted.

You may publish your own personal referral link only. Publishing someone else's link (be they an AFF member or not) is not permitted. (added 24 May 18)

If a thread does not exist already for the referral you would like to post, you must start a new thread and include the following information:
  • You need to state what the referral bonus is (e.g. "You can get a bonus of 10,000 points if your application is approved”); and
  • You need to state what the referee bonus is (e.g. “I will get a bonus of 10,000 points if your application is approved”).
If a thread does exist already for the referral you would like to post, you must reply to the existing thread with your referral link. As the first post of the thread will already contain all the information about what the referrer and referee receive, you do not need to include this information, but may do so, along with other information, to attract attention to the post.

Please be reminded that links to external "affiliate-type" websites promoting your offer are not permitted. Further, cash (or any other incentive) designed to encourage a member into taking your referral is not permitted. You only need to post your referral once.

Instructions for the member seeking the referral
It is expected there will be multiple referrals for the same product. You are free to choose a referrer who you think is most deserving of the bonus they will receive. The criteria is up to you, but could include their contribution to AFF, whether or not you have personally met them or the amount of information they have provided in their referral post. Remember, the bonus they receive is quite significant, so take care in your selection!

Important: Other than an email address (and perhaps a name), there should not be a need to share any other personal information between the 2 parties. Especially no credit card numbers!

AFF is simply offering a service to our members to offer/receive referrals. We are not party to any transaction and take no responsibility for the outcome of the transaction or any consequence of it. If you think a post violates these guidelines, please report it using the Post Reporting system.
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