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Jan 7, 2006
Hello, I am rather new to this type of thing, but I am in need of all of your knowledge regarding Qantas Points.

For the last 5 years, my husband and I have been saving up (and spending on our credit card) our Qantas points to take my Grandmother back to Poland, as she was taken from there as an orphan in 1934.

We finally saved up enough Qantas points to take her, and booked 2 x economy class fares for my husband and me, and a business class upgrade ticket for my grandmother.

We were assured by the Qantas Rep at the Airport where I paid for the tickets that her upgrade would be fine due to her medical conditions, as the flight was not busy in that class.

Our trip was a complete disaster. We left SYD destined for SIN, where we were to overnight, as my Grandmother has a number of major illnesses, and on Doctors advice we decided to try and break the trip up a little for her wellbeing.

Upon arriving in SIN, we found that my Grandmothers bag had been lost, after 2hrs messing around at the Qantas baggage claim, and filling in a form, we then were on our way to the hotel (without any explanation, or compensation for her to buy some new clothes).

My husband went to purchase some clothes for her, but having lost her bag made my grandmother very distressed (as I am sure you can all appreciate).

The next day we were on our way to Heathrow, upon checking in, we were informed that Business had been oversold, and my Gran would have to be in Economy with us. I protested politely, but got nowhere.

She has very bad osteoporosis (with 4 old fractures in her spine), plus a very bad heart condition (Pacemaker), and finally suffers with Thyroid cancer (not the best person to take traveling, I know, but this was to be her only chance to go back to her home country).

They said our economy seats would be fine for her - so we carried on with the journey. By the time we got into Heathrow, my Gran was in tears with pain, she had to be taken by wheelchair from the plane.

Instead of going to our hotel she ended up at St Johns hospital for 5 days, as she had sustained another bone injury - due to her long and cramped trip in the economy seat.

We ended up flying home after she came out of hospital, 1 week later as my Gran could not carry on with the trip (this time on Air NZ, courtesy of our Insurance Company, they did not have to do this, but did).

Once back in NZ, I complained to Qantas - they just said they were sorry.

I asked for a refund of the points that were not used. They said as it was a discount ticket, they would not refund them. Is this true?

If so, I think this is rude and disgusting service.

So, after all of that we are no further ahead - we lost a lot of money (Gatwick-Krakow Return business class fares, Prepaid Krakow accommodation, plus the unexpected costs in London), all because of the inconsiderate service that Qantas provided us.

We are not rich people whatsoever.

My brother has offered us 60,000 Qantas points to take her there again later this year.

He said I could buy more from other members, so we can purchase a return business class fare for my Gran.

Is there anyone who wants to sell me there points for a fare price? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Heidi :evil:


Active Member
Jan 29, 2005
trobby said:
Is there anyone who wants to sell me there points for a fare price? Please let me know.
Assuming this story is true (& you're not simply trying to get some free points) then my heart goes out to you.

However if I were in your shoes I would not be trying to get points cheaply to potentially repeat this fiasco. Rather I'd be looking for ways to pressure Qantas to do what's morally right, and at the very least refunding some of your points. Some ideas:

a) Post your message again (less the "sell me your points" part quoted above) to the Flyertalk Qantas forum asking for advice and compensation ideas at http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=ff4d9bc9e6f15ddb12248ecbf1e5ce37&f=498

b) If you're in NZ, forget calling customer service and physically go into the local Qantas office with relevant documentation (lost luggage report/ hospital receipts/ QF points statement etc) and ask for satisfactory compensation from the office manager. Make an appointment.

c) And if the above two don't deliver results, consider speaking to local TV stations about your dispute. This story is very sad and unfortunately would make good TV for a local current affairs story of the big corporate monster trampling on the less fortunate.

Welcome to AFF and Good Luck :!:

Dave Noble

Senior Member
Oct 10, 2005
I am a bit confused here. Since it was an international flight, upgrades cannot be confirmed in advance and are granted subject to availability at check in ( as per the T&Cs of the scheme ). If the flight was oversold in business , then no upgrade is going to be given



Nov 16, 2004
My Map
Dave Noble said:
I am a bit confused here. Since it was an international flight, upgrades cannot be confirmed in advance and are granted subject to availability at check in ( as per the T&Cs of the scheme ). If the flight was oversold in business , then no upgrade is going to be given

Maybe the "Business Class upgrade Ticket" was actually a business class award redemption?

Heidi, please enlighten.


Junior Member
Aug 18, 2005
I'm saddened by your story, but really don't think you have much to come back at Qantas with. If she was on an upgrade and J was oversold, well sorry, but that's bad luck. If business class is that important to you and necessary for you to travel, then dig deep and pay for it. Do not rely on the Qantas points system or the compassion of staff who have heard every tear-jerker one thousand times before to come through for you.

As harsh as that sounds, it's an unfortunate reality.
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