Platinum Card in Australia

Discussion in 'General Credit Card Discussion' started by centurionblack, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. centurionblack

    Jun 2, 2004
    Currently what we can get in Australia were as follow:

    Amex Platinum - this has started to be flooded in the market this year as more gold memeber received invitation as they want to upgrade all their previous Platinum member with the Black Centurion Card, which cost $2,800.00 per annum ( a big income revenue for Amex!)

    Citibank Platinum - the 1st Visa/Mastecard Platinum in Australia

    St George Platinum Visa - only available to their Private Bank and Business banking customer

    CBA Platinum Mastercard - which launched in April

    HSBC Platinum Visa - which has started to issue already.

    That's all we can get at the moment as all the Australia bank think all Australian is a FOOL in the card game as when you look back what have they offered to the customer with such an high annual fee and lack of benefits! Can we consider it as a real Platinum of just the look of the colour!

    Most other financial institutions with the exception of Australia do offer Free insurance when you hiring car from hire car company which save you at least few hundred dollars per trip!

    FREE airport lounge entrance when travelling overseas reagrdless what airline you are flying and what class ticket you are holding.

    Free instalment payment with no interest charge (this has already been introduced by HSBC Platinum Visa)

    Free Airline upgrade or Free companion ticket ( only AMEX Platinum offer free companion ticket) and none of the Visa Platinum card holder in Australia entitle for this free services.

    Was all the above consider to be attractive? Believe it or not, this is only the basic benefits that a platinum card should be but what do we get from Citibank, CBA, St George and Amex!

    Although Reserve Bank has work out the new Credit Card Revolution that they believe should open up the market with more competitiors but in fact it's none with the only exception of higher annual fee and interest charge.

    We can't see any US Card Giants coming over at all- Capital One, MBNA or Advanta, neither did the insurance giants AXA joining the game as what they did in Taiwan and Hong Kong, so is there any chance that Westpac and National is joing the game to issue the Real Platinum or even having the Infinite Visa or World Matercard in Australia?[/b]


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