Overview of Best Qantas Status Run Options [not the discussion thread]

They were pulled within a day or two of the video going live. There's chatter about it in the FlyerTalk Premium Fare Deals subforum.
Ah damn! Hopefully they might sneak them back in again once the fuss has died down.
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The trusty old Gold Coast to Auckland return via Melbourne = 560 SC with a budget $85 motel in Auckland.

OOL-MEL-AKL = $922 = 140 SC = 280 Double SC = $3.29 / SC
AKL-MEL-OOL = $837 = 140 SC = 280 Double SC = $2.99 / SC

Total including booking fee and $85 motel = $1860 for 560 SC = $3.32 / SC
Presumably you live in SE QLD so no cost to get to OOL?
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Thanks @Flashback

This thread has been set up just to list the good fares for status running. That way it is easy to look through the last few pages as a resource.

All discussion is to be elsewhere. If you want to ask the OP a question, use the '@' in-front of their username to tag them in that thread.
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Not sure if this qualifies as 'discussion' (for which I can't find a dedicated thread) or permissible here.

Best status run booking I have achieved is with points club award bookings at $2.05/SC based on my own formula (currently 0.375c/pt, i.e. what I can obtain them for - for example, 80,000 SCs for CC sign up bonus with $300 annual fee) + taxes/surcharges, during the recent DSC period.
It's not perfect due to lack of flight availability and lack of flexibility, and it's not a small number of flights..

ZQN-AKL, in Jetstar economy - positioning flight only, nil earned. Couldn't be avoided for me unfortunately.
All subsequent flights in U class (business)
All booked as a multicity reward, i.e. same PNR

By my calculations this will earn 316 SCs - 2x(32+18+18+18+18+18+18+18), costing $353.82 in surcharges/taxes and 78000 points.
The trip out was $2.78/SC, but this was more cautious to reduce chance of losing luggage.

I fully expect my check-in luggage to get delayed, but this is a return leg and I'll not pack anything important in it. HLO would obviously be a better option when possible.

Similar could be achieved by stacking most flights in the multicity tool, noting restrictions with only two trips per day, although you can often book multiple legs per trip at the choose specific flight stage. Additionally you can't have more than 7 individual trips or the tool crashes.
QF has opened their 'Red Tail Sale' (ends on Wed 27/3) with some decent Y sale fares. E.g. SYD-LHR for $1,799 return. Though, checking some of them, it looks like the Y flex may have even gone up (outbound only a fraction but the return leg is clearly up), PE goes for $3,899 and J for $8,999.

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