Nowhere to Call Home - A doco on Tibetan life and race in China

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Jeffrey O'Neill

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Aug 19, 2006
hopefully it makes it to Australia. I'd been keen to watch the doco

BEIJING — When the Tibetan farmer Zanta’s husband died, she was forced by local custom to move in with her in-laws, who forbade her son to attend school. Instead, she packed up and moved to Beijing, where she was helped by a relative from another lifetime.

That is the beginning of “Nowhere to Call Home,” a documentary by a foreign correspondent in Beijing, Jocelyn Ford, showing at the Museum of Modern Art this month. The film follows Zanta (who, like many Tibetans, goes by one name) here and in her hometown, where she confronts her father-in-law. Along the way, it becomes clear that the relative from another lifetime is Ms. Ford, who breaks the traditional wall between journalist and subject by becoming a friend.
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