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Mar 20, 2014
I am trying to book a honeymoon to Tahiti
I am in north qld
I would like advice/help on making it as affordable as possible without losing flights.

The plan is from north qld to fly to Sydney the day before flying to NZ (so no issues there, will use points to book J)
From there is where it gets tricky.

Would like to fly F on emirates Sydney - Auckland then J on Air Tahiti from Auckland to Tahiti.

The connection between emirates to air Tahiti is approx. 90min which Qantas says is enough time (but I think it is very close cutting).
However this is where things will get messy, if I book emirates F I can only book it as an award and therefore due to it being on Emirates it will have an EK number and Qantas effectively wipes there hands clean if things go wrong.

Also under consideration is to book award seats with air Tahiti using AA points.

Which means I'll be flying three different airlines that will not have anything to do with each other when it comes to ticket/forward liability.

The thinking to get around this to an extent is to book one ticket through Qantas the entire way paid for in $$$ (while the other ticket is booked with Qantas & AA using points redemption), this way one person will have one ticket/itinerary for the entire journey, so if things don't work out maybe Qantas by default will look after all of us (2 yr old to come as well).

Any suggestions, we know we can take travel insurance out but due to the amount of days that will be missed from a missed connection (emirates-air Tahiti) its very little constellation to the situation/reason for the trip.
Jun 24, 2012
I booked this for a very close friend in the last few months for her honeymoon.

I did Qantas from perth to Auckland via Melbourne all on Qantas, overnight in Auckland then air tahiti from Auckland to PPT.

Return they are only going as far as Sydney so PPT to Auckland then to Sydney.

Total cost was around $1800 for points with AA Bonus' and about $200 in taxes.

J all the way except on the return from Auckland to Sydney as there was no availability.

Travelling with a 2yo you probably want everything to flow.

The economy fares from Perth were about $1400 return so it was well worth the extra to go J.
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May 29, 2011
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