Next CBR get together at 1745 on 02 February at the Kingo Steakhouse

get me outta here

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Nov 18, 2011
LT Silver
Maccas in Queanbeyan and Googong (where?) as suggested are also not very ‘central’.

If the venue suggestions do not improve we will have to go back to the Kingo to design by committees for next time. 😜


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May 2, 2013
Nothing against Gungahlin, it's just a long way from where I live :p

I know, I was just teasing :)

As a serious suggestion, some of the restaurants at Kingston foreshore are very nice and have outdoor seating.

I am price-agnostic, but I think one consideration in previous occasions had been price. There might be reasonable places in Queanbeyan with prices more similar to those at Kingos?

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