NAB Waives Fees for "Grandfathered" ex Citi Accounts.

From what I can see, conversions will be done using the Visa rate.
Seems to be the case ... for now ...

Fees and charges applicable to your NAB Classic Banking account

Personal Banking Fees – A guide to fees and charges will apply to the NAB Classic Banking account from the Account Creation Date as follows:
• All fees listed in Personal Banking Fees – A Guide to fees and charges available at apply except the table in Section 2 Services Fees, Account Related Services, which is replaced with the table below. This information may also be viewed at:
Overseas AccessNAB Visa Debit card
ATM cash withdrawalFee Waived
Balance enquiryFee Waived
International Transaction Fee

International transactions refer to using your card overseas including overseas ATM cash withdrawals or, using your account in Australia but the goods or service provider (commonly referred to as a ‘merchant’), financial institution or entity processing the transaction is located outside Australia.
• Single-currency international transaction: where the transaction is made in Australian dollars (AUD)
• Multi-currency international transaction: where the transaction is made in a currency other than Australian dollars (AUD)
Fee Waived



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So, have they destoyed the value or haven't they?
I can't see much - they have waived the fees that are mostly discussed. There is a change from Mastercard to Visa, and Visa often have a slightly worse rate, but aside from that, doesn't look like it.
In any case, there's a range of other cards that offer a similar fee structure
Exactly. There are places where ATM fees are not common.
Unfortunately fewer and fewer. The UK and some Euro countries being good exceptions. Usually, the more likely you need cash, the more likely the local ATM fees are higher…