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NAB is a farce - can't apply for new card online because I was a customer in 2007


Junior Member
May 6, 2015
Help please! I closed the NAB credit card back in Jan 2019. In Nov 2019, I found out that the NAB card was marked as being active so I called NAB and was informed it was not active. Recently, I applied for a new credit card and again, the NAB card appeared as active. I have called NAB twice and have been advised there's nothing they could do which I find very hard to believe as other banks never had this issue . I was also told that this could still be listed as active for up to 5 years which is absolutely crazy. I asked who I could escalate to and basically been told, there's nothing they could do. Is this a job for the Ombudsman? Does anyone know who I could contact to have this looked into? Thanks in advance.
You need to go to each of the 3 credit reference agencies, pull your report and check which of them still has the NAB CC listed as Active. Then lodge a complaint with that agency. They are required by law to take it up with the bank supplying the incorrect information. I had to do this with a fictional CommBank account record seemingly only held by Illion. It was processed in about 2 months.

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