Multiple connections in US with FF points

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by willymaykett, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. willymaykett

    willymaykett Intern

    Aug 29, 2007
    Looking for some feedback on those who travel to the US.

    As part of my RTW on points, I am tossing usp some ideas for travel in the US. I am contemplating the following:

    San Francisco to Orlando.

    It looks like there are multiple ways to get there, all requiring a stop somewhere, either stopovers or what appears to be flight changes. Some of the flight options seem to be "tight" and don't give much time in case of holdup. In this case, what happens if you have a reward booking and a delayed flight causes you to miss your connecting flight?

    How much time should I allow between connecting flights?

    What are peoples experiences with trying to get throuh US airports, especially with the increased security. I have heard some "horror" stories about LA and NY.

  2. simongr

    simongr Enthusiast

    Jul 10, 2006
    My experience has not been the horror of security but the horror of immigration. I normally spend 20 mins in the security queue at most - mind you I am statused with AA and flying F/J over there.

    When I flew to MCO in March I flew LAX-MIA-MCO. The LAX-MIA flight was overnight with a very early AM fligh to MCO after an hour or so at MIA. No issues with bags (for once).

    What is your definition of a tight connection?
  3. Mal

    Mal Enthusiast

    Dec 25, 2004
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    Normally on a Qantas award booking, if you miss a flight, you miss the flight (and just about forfeit the ticket) unless there are other award seats available:

    However, if it is the airline's fault and on the same ticket, then you're normally covered for any late arrivals of the plane.
  4. serfty


    Nov 16, 2004
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    #4 serfty, Oct 2, 2007
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2007
    If you have a valid booking, the carrier should protect you.

    Having typed that, if you wish to avoid delays (assuming you are already using the multi booking option), try to route yourself with bett cnx. with longer transit times. e.g. SFO-DFW-MCO, SFO-JFK-MCO, SFO-LAX-MIA-MCO
  5. willymaykett

    willymaykett Intern

    Aug 29, 2007
    I would consider anything less than an hour as tight...

    I am concerned that if a flight might be delayed, and we miss our connecting flight, that we get stranded, since there will be four of us travelling, 3 on QFF points and one on a full fare.

    So I think this would be best option as suggested by Serfty
  6. drron

    drron Enthusiast

    Jul 4, 2002
    Sunshine Coast
    When using AA I have always allowed at least an hour for connections.Personally I have not had problems but the USA is renowned for late arrivals.For AA DFW is their major hub so if you miss a connection there is more chance that you will be able to get a later flight.
    If transiting New York I would probably use LGA rather than JFK.Much smaller airport,less distance between AA gates and a lot of florida flights go from LGA.Flights can be late into either JFK or LGA but my experience is that this tends to be more likely at JFK.
    If you do happen to miss a flight the AA ground staff can be very good.Last year when we had our AA flight from CDG-JFK cancelled because of French national strike the AA agent went out of her way to get us on a later flight although both of us were on QFF award tickets.Even notified QF of why our flight details had changed.

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