Medals on Plane


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Jul 19, 2012
Going to BNE for Anzac Day tomorrow, flying Qantas if it matters.

Just dug out Grandfathers medals and noticed they are mounted in a group about 6 inches long and have a longish 5 inch or so pin to pin to your clothes. Also have another couple single ones with smaller 1 inch long pin like a ladies brooch. They are also pointy bits of metal if you boil it down.

These should be OK for security and airline as hand luggage? Dont want to put in hold for obvious reasons.
They are packed in a box with bubblewrap etc.

Can see knitting needles allowed, and plenty of women have brooches and bobby pins etc??
Just dont want a scene at security.

Anybody have any info/experience?

I'm ex-military and I can assure you that in my experience plenty of people wear their medals on a plane without problems. Can't see why it would be any different to carry them rather than wear them.
Yeah - dont want to wear monkey suit on plane, too hot here...just for the March.

If I was 100 and wore them on board I'd probably (and deservedly) get VIP treatment all the way...but I'm not. This isnt the USA, some security guards here might have different views on WW2 and decide the medals are an offensive weapon.
If it were me I’d just assume no problems & go.
Srsly you could do as much damage to someone with a balsa spork or an angrily wielded iPhone …
Bottles and ceramics are allowed on board and they can be broken to create sharp weapons. Certainly handier than whatever medals and medal bars might be used for. I doubt that they are considered with careful thought by the security operatives manning the scanners.

I'm not sure anything is, to be honest.

The potential headlines would be a big problem. "Qantas Says War Hero's Medals a Pointy Threat. Grandchildren in Tears as Security Ape Tosses Them in Trash."
It was all OK.

I asked at check in, lady wasnt sure, then again at security on leaving CNS and she said no problems. Even complimented me about keeping ANZAC spirit alive etc. As a precaution I asked the friend dropping me off to hang around for 10 minutes or so until I called them back that I was through and clear just in case they were not allowed I could give them back to that person for safekeeping, they were NOT going in the trash!

On way back I used the Gold security line at BNE, didnt mention them and they didnt say anything.
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