Malaysian Airlines (MH) in the news

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Jun 20, 2002
Fed up with 34 years of red ink on the domestic routes of state-owned Malaysia Airlines, the government has turned to low-cost carrier Air Asia to bail it out...


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Aug 2, 2006
Just a bit of ad on to Malaysian Airlines.
I had a refund due to me last Feb 2006. Not for a lot about $60Aust.
After a lot of discussion MAS agreed to refund to credit card. After 6 months not there. Tried contacting them, some times got a reply but then Mas said no record give details again.
At 30centsA a minute for phone call(I stay in Malaysia a lot) it is just not worth while. Better to tell people about, for the want of a better name. their inefficiency.

As for Air Asia also beware. Every rule they have is their way and Air Asia is 99.9% inflexible.
Also according to their figures 1 in every 4 flights in November is more than 30 minutes late, often many hours.

also the Low Cost Terminal is around 20km from the main International terminal. So change over can be an average 1 hour.

No cover , except an umbrella, if it is raining and an average 50 metres walk to the plane. Up uncovered metal stairs, careful you do not slip.
In December my wife flew KL to Kota Baru. 6 hours late boarding, another half hour waiting on board to move and just on 7 hours late on arrival. AND HALF WAY THERE PILOT ADVISED LEFT MOTOR WAS BEING TURNED OFF AND DO NOT WALK ON LEFT SIDE OF PLANE.
a funny warning as it is centre aisled also, but it does make you wonder about maintenance??
Air Asia has 25 minute turn arounds, which is unrealistic so planes just get later and later.And in a breakdown there seems no reserve.
Finally they do refuel with passengers on board. Not keen on that.
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