mail gone crazy

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Mar 14, 2006
Hi everyone, It seems to me the AMEX mail centre has gone nuts.
Already a platinum member but have still got 6 applications in the last 2 months.
I don't understand how this works, I don't think thta they are going to give me 6 platinum cards???.

Amex are crazy people!!.
Love my card though.
Like most banks and financial institutions I think they buy their mailing lists from a third party, although I cannot think of their name right now. So Amex would mail out applications to everyone that met a certain criteria without checking first to see if they were an existing customer or not.

A few months ago I applied for the ANZ frequent flyer Visa card and was rejected. At least once a month I still receive a credit card application from ANZ even though I was rejected not so long ago.

Apparently you can ring up, or e-mail, this third party and ask that you are flagged in their database not to receive further mail-outs. Be careful if you do this as you may miss out on a decent offer in the future.
They do some form of data matching in order to try to prevent this from occuring. Slight differences in addresses can cause this matching to not work correctly.
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