lost days

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Bali Belly

May 18, 2008
oh what a day
I have 7 mobile services with optus have been with them for over 18 years main phone on the 99 timeless plan + gst and 5 gb of data all negotiated on sign up have just sighted an invoice from optus and have been over charged so I rang them and said this is a overcharge ( apart from who are you I am the one who pays the the bills etc ) no this is incorrect there appears to be no agreement so I simply ask for the pay out figure on this contract and offer my credit card number to terminate, please hold I was advised suddenly yes we have over charged you and your next 4 months bills will be free .WTF call centres is there any logic
Rang citi bank to raise credit limit on hold for 12 minutes spoke to call centre, phone line was scratchy at best was transferred to Sydney, asked for a credit limit increase was informed it would take 3 to 4 weeks
So I advised them that not to bother as I will seek another credit card ( Hsbc ) Oh sorry let me check your history I can lift your credit to $55000 straight away or I can apply for a further 12% if you wish
So I took the $55000 and said thank you very much , you have been very helpful and applied or the Hsbc card
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