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Increased Security at SYD T2 today or just a new crew?

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Apr 29, 2012
Flying to Bathurst this afternoon, had to check a briefcase (aagh) then had trouble with carry on as Rex seem very concerned re weight and I was not given any allowance as the major items was a CPAP machine. In the end was 1.5kg over with computer he let me go with it.

What surprised me was the security. Small lines but going very slowly, seem to be lot of rescans.

I have orthotics in my shoes, never a problem in Australia (including international) but today set the machine off and needed the shoes scanned.

Was asked about the CPAP machine, never happened here, and internationally only ever in RDU (at least

Then got the random explosives test (which I have randomly got 9 of the last 10 flights!)

Not the most frequent of travellers (VFF Gold) but travel sufficiently (and about fortnightly for the last 2 months - it will quite down soon!) but today stood all up as very different.

Has yesterday's announcement re spending more money on terrorism lead to a spike today, or did I have the trainee shift?

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