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Impressed with Thai's First Class at Suvarnabhumi

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Dec 15, 2004
Not much impresses me about Thailand's new Suvarnabhumi airport.
but anyway, I did get to use Thai Airways first class check in last week.

Meet at the curb by the porter, taken to a private lounge area, No computers.
Meet by an attendant who introduced herself and said she would be assisting me with airport formalities.
Asked for a copy of my passport and asked if seat 2A was Ok.
A few minutes latter she returned and escorted me to customs, with the porter in-tow carrying my hand luggage.

Down the escalator to a bizarre “Royal Silk first class” electric car. It was very high and very narrow, had a driver in the front with 2 pax behind in single file. Not exactly the thing you want if you wanted to keep a low profile as it sat very high and looked like something out of Star Wars. Anyway - no complaint, it was a bit of a hike through the large business class lounge, around an X-ray machine to the first class lounge.
Lounge is great, very comfortable; free Wi-Fi. at flight time escorted me to the plane, with an attendant carrying my hand luggage.

Always one of the nice things about traveling first class from the carrier's home base, they are out to impress. Also nice when you have an abundant low cost workforce.

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Recommended by the Australian Frequent Flyer
Not open for further replies.