I need 4000 points, who wants to sell them to me?

Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by maiden, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. maiden

    maiden Newbie

    Sep 8, 2005

    I've booked a trip to the USA next year, but need to make a change to the booking. Currently I've got just over 6000 points, but need 10000 points to make the change.

    I've asked my family but no one has come forward.

    Qantas won't let me buy the points either.

    So basically I'm stuck and need 4000 points.

    Is anyone willing to sell me 4000 points?

  2. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
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    maiden, welcome to AFF.

    You have lousy family if they won't trump up for transferring 4K points to you. Remember that when it comes to Xmas presents :wink:

    I can understand why QF are denying you the ability to buy points as they contend that "the points must be purchased to redeem a specific flight award" rather than needed to change an award flight (as in your situation).

    You should be aware that buying and/or selling the points is illegal (according to the QFF T& C's). You risk having your account (and the person selling) cancelled. I don't think that's worth it.

    There may be other ways you can earn 4K points without leaving the ground, check out the QF partners
  3. maiden

    maiden Newbie

    Sep 8, 2005
    Thanks Lindsay.

    I didn't know it was illegal so thanks for letting me know.

    I guess I'll need to get the points another way. That link is a great start :)
  4. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
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    Are Citibank still offering 4000 QF FF points for taking out a ReadiCredit facility? I think was only available at the airport booths, but may be worth a phone call. Note it is fee-free and includes a cheque book so could come in useful anyway.

    I am sure there are lots of other ways to earn yourself 4000 points quickly, such as 3000 points for opening an E-Trade account.

    Or use a points earning credit card to purchase $4000 worth of Coles Gift Cards (come is $100 or $200 options I think) that you can use grocery shopping for the next few months. Even better if you have something like an Amex Rewards Maximiser credit card earning 1.5 points/$ and can buy the Gift Cards through an organisation such as API Leisure and Lifestyle where you get a $200 card for $190, so 3990 QF FF points can be earned by purchasing 14 x $200 Coles Gift Cards ($2800 spending power) for a cost of $2660. That is a saving of $140 for the capital outlay. And you may even be able to sell some of those gift card to your family members for somewhere between $190 and $200 each.

    The reason you can't purchase the points from Qantas is because they limit the purchase to 15% of the intended award. So to purchase 4000 points you would need to already have a balance of around 27,000 points. And of course if you already had 27,000 points you would not need the extra 4000 points now!
  5. danielh

    danielh Member

    Dec 5, 2003
    Is there an immediate timing issue for you to get these points or can you wait a few weeks or so?

    There are many offers for free points if you join this or that plan, credit card, eTrade share thing and all that but some of them require you to wait a specified period of time before you get the points.

    Lets have a look at eTrade. Open up an account before end of Sep and you get a three thousand bonus points (usually by the end of the week) and you can get 1000 points per trade for the first two months up with a limit of (I think 22,000).

    Here is the link


    There is 3,000 points just for joining. Go and buy some shares for $31.95 and there is ANOTHER 1,000 points.

    There are other deals with CC joining and all that but i think this is about the fastest way to get the needed points.

    Hope this helps.

  6. johnsmith

    johnsmith Member

    Dec 5, 2004
    I was in a similar situation as you, to overcome this i made a credit card payment for $10,000 into a utility bill, the points appeared in my credit card rewards account the next day. I then sent them to my FF account, then asked the utility company to refund the money back to my card. This left a minus balance of 10,000 points in my credit card rewards account, this gradually reduced as i spent more money to bring it back to zero. But it enabled me to book the flight I needed. Its best to do this at the start of your statement cycle to give you the maximum interest free days incase the utility company is a little slow to refund the money. You do not want to be paying credit card interest.

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