How do you get AMEX Platinum???

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Jun 2, 2004
I´ve been with AMEX(in oz) for a few years now, and am wondering what criteria you have to meet in order to be offered a Platinum card. I currently have their Gold credit(not charge) card, and have always paid it off on time, spending about $30 000 p.a. Will I ever be offered Platinum, or will I need to have a Gold Charge Card first?

Your help on this issue is appreciated.

Thanks, Sam.
What I believes the average spending should be over $100K per annum then you will get the invitation but some member don't even have to and has been invited, looks like the border has been taken away.

You don't have to be a gold memebr as long as your files looks good in their system, be patient, a sthey might be launching the Platinum Credit Card soon as they have already done in New Zealand.
Free Airfares with AMEX platinum!

Thanks for that centurionblack. Does anyone else have any other advice for me on this topic?

Can any current AMEX Platinum holders tell me if theyve ever used the free companion airfare scheme, and if so, how easy it was to arrange?

HI All,
a few people on her have been asking about the Amex platinum buy one got one free offer for traveling business Class.

I just phoned the Amex Platinum and asked about prices for tickets, just to see if they are selling the most expensive business class tickets.
While the lovely lady on the phone would not get me an exact price because i am not a card holder, but she did say that Emirates usually have tickets for $7,800 to Europe from Aust (which i checked with a few sources and is a good price). The second ticket is NOT free though, they will discount the second ticket by around $2,500.

Hope that helps everyone out a bit if they were considering this card.
It's not really worth it...

Hi, I was offered an Amex Platinum Card and took it up because the offers looked great. I paid the $800 a year membership fee and used it for a couple of years.
But, when I really needed it, they were no help. I was travelling to New York and Paris for Chrismas so I called Amex - thier "free companion" business class fares were more expensive than I could get from my local travel agent so this was no benefit.
I then asked them to arrange restaurant bookings - they told me that the restaurant I wanted to book in New York didn't accept international bookings and that the restaurant on the Eiffel Tower was going to be closed when I was there. I called the restaurant in New York and booked directly and when I got to Paris I walked up to the restaurant on the Eiffel tower and it was well and truely open?
I also enquired if the free travel insurance covered the airlines going broke and they said no - so I had to pay for additonal travel insurance from another company.
Needless to say I saw no benefit in paying the $800 fee for other than a shiny silver card - so I am no longer a Platiun Card member.
My recent experience with the CBA Platinum Concierge Service....

I phoned up for tickets to the Edinburough Military Tattoo (Feb '05), and was told, they go on sale in August....

Of course, as some of you will know.... that Qantas had a stock of pre - release tickets they were selling, via their website, in early July!

Consequently, I secured top 'Diamond' seats from the Qantas Box Office.... without the help of my 'Platinum' concierge!

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