How do I Check Actual Date Of Account Closure?


Jun 4, 2013
I can't log in to my ANZ account anymore. Never had an account with them, other than a credit card which I cancelled sometime last year.

Funny thing is, I don't remember when I cancelled it. Check all through my emails but can't find anything.

Can I ring them with the old customer reference number to find out? What are your thoughts?
Credit savvy allows you to see what credit enquires you’ve made, what credit accounts are open and if any defaults have occurred. They give you a credit score that some institutions use. There are other credit agencies as well and not all enquires get reported to all agencies. it’s free.
Wisrcredit is also a good place to see both Equifax and Experian credit files including account closure dates.
When I am applying for new credit cards, I "tidy up" my spreadsheet by calling up the banks for recently closed card and asking what date they have listed for the closure. Safest way.
Do you keep bank paperwork? You would've received a letter when you closed the card which would be dated.

Edit: whoops, just realised this is old. Sorry.