How competitive are QF and DJ?

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Oct 4, 2011
How competitive are the airlines? How much do they want business because recent experiences with both QF and DJ haven't really exemplified the fight for the business traveller.

To date I have flown a little on QF but several times for than DJ, earning platinum and qualifying twice over in the space of a year. Not to mention all status credits have been earned in economy for domestic flights ex SYD.

Recently I have planned my balance of year travels which total 26 trips, or approx 60 segments (some trips have 3 flights) and have been trying to shop them around to DJ and QF for price and added benefits on the condition that I book and pay in full for all.

It is remarkable that each airline want me to book online as I go and not give anything more than the off the shelf benefits of my respective status. NB at QF and WP at DJ.

I would have thought that each airline would jump at the opportunity to lock in a customer! Considering the obvious reward being bookings, as well as earning my custom for next year.

Velocity WP guest relations couldn't help, I've had no acknowledgement form Virgin Accelerate and the same with Qantas Business Direct.

The question is can someone on AFF point me in the direction of who I could speak to in order to proceed?

Could you also share similar experiences of you have tried or succeeded in doing this with the airlines.



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