How can I get QFF to correct PER-DOH miles for classic awards?

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Apr 7, 2006
I'm quite keen to take advantage of J and F classic awards which seem readily available on the QR Airbus 380 from Perth to Doha.

However, the points on QF website suggest the sector is classified as zone 7 (50,000 in Y, 92,000 in J, 134,000 in F).

This sector is 5,789 nautical miles here: Great Circle Mapper
and 5,790 nautical miles here:Mileage Calculator - WebFlyer :: The Frequent Flyer Authority

As such it should be in zone 6 (42,000 in Y, 78,000 in J, 114,000 in F).
Given KUL-BKK was recently amended to the correct zone, how do I get QFF to change this?

For a return F fare, this is overcharging by 40,000 points.


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Feb 23, 2015
how do I get QFF to change this?

If there is an award available now which you want to book, my suggestion would be to call and ask an agent to book at zone 6 rates with the argument presented above. This secures the flight you want.

Once that's done I would ask the agent for their advice on getting it corrected permanently. No doubt it will require escalation and take weeks, if not months - but the ticket needs to start at the bottom and work its way up.

Edit: By the way, while Great Circle Mapper is very handy I would refrain from referring to it, as Qantas are unlikely to recognise it as a reliable source of information. Instead, I would suggest saying IATA's Ticketed Point Mileage for PER-DOH is 5798mi:

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