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Help to resolve Qatar airways charges?

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Mar 2, 2019
Last week I flew from LHR to Sydney on Qatar Airways. I received an offer on the app of an upgrade on departure. At LHR I couldn't do at check in and was advised to do on i phone app. The app went down a few times after cc had been put in and the transaction wouldn't complete. I finally got it to complete the transaction using a debit card. I was advised to go to desk/checkin in Doha. In Doha, I approached the desk and was advised that my booking had been cancelled. My account, however, was already debited. It was explained that there were 7 seats available, but that despite having paid (showed them my account and the debit) that it was cancelled and I would not have the business seat. I was told that the transaction had been reversed and would appear in my account by the time I landed in Sydney.
In Sydney, I checked my account and it had not been reversed. Despite calls and emails to Qatar the amount has not been reversed and they show no interest in taking the initiative to call me to update me on how to resolve.
Can anyone help with either an Australian contact (call centre is in India) or a way of getting resolution? Thanks
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