Good auckland airport hotel?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Mal, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Mal

    Mal Enthusiast

    Dec 25, 2004
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    Looking for a comfy (ie 3-4* +) hotel located close to the airport. Doesn't have to be any particular brand, but QF FF points earning would be good.

    Ideally close enough to walk with a suitcase, but taxi is fine too.

    Any suggestions?

    Have a fly into Auckland around 4pm, and a flight out early the next morning, so don't want to stay at my usual haunts in Auckland.

    I can't even remember seeing any hotels that close to the airport last time I was there... so I'm not even sure there are any.


  2. CO BNE

    CO BNE Junior Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    I usually stay at the Hotel Grand Chancellor or the Centra when needing to be close to the airport. They're both opposite each other.

    Closest place to the airport would probably be the Jet Inn. BK Motor Lodge is also another alternative near to the Centra and Chancellor.

    Taxi minimum will cost you $20 to any of the nearest places but this does not always guarantee that they will take you as like most airports some drivers tend to have been waiting there for 3-4 hours.

    However there are buses that will take you to the hotel airports. There is a big yellow one that goes on the half hour and every hour to the Hotel Grand Chancellor and Centra (as well as back to the airport). Ample room and runs on time.
  3. Kiwi Flyer

    Kiwi Flyer Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    Getting to the airport for the early flight (I presume 6:30am ish to Australia) is no problem. Should be less than 30 minutes by taxi from central city. I've done this many times - ugggg
  4. Mal

    Mal Enthusiast

    Dec 25, 2004
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    Thanks for the tips... any recommendations as to Centra or Gc ? I'm leaning towards the Centra I think.

    I've stayed in Akl central quite a few times, so not fussed with heading into the CBD for one night this time... Just prefer somewhere close to the airport without having to catch the aiport bus or taxiing from town.

    Next question .. is there anything to do in Mangere or nearby overnight? Any good restaurants/pubs/ anything of note? A look at the UBD map shows a sewage works and a small town centre....
  5. serfty


    Nov 16, 2004
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