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Global Events Scheduling

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Jul 10, 2006
Hi all
Just a quick question. I am starting to plan the remainder of my year and I am wondering if anyone has a useful link that they use to check what global events may impact on their travel plans. A couple of examples - we are planning to do some work in Europe this year but we probably dont want to do it in the middle of the Rugby World Cup. Similarly I am tad nervous about travelling through BGI in the middle of the CRicket world cup. We have the APEC meeting here in October so the whole city is going to be under curfew and last year my trip to SIN was postponed due to the World Bank meeting there.

So before I lock in some plans only to have them overturned when local staff go "Did't you know that the world wine drinking championships are being held here next month - you will have to reschedule...." does anyone havea resource that might indicate if major events are planned? Yes I know that google would assist but then I would need to google each city for "events" and would probably get a bazillion hits :0




Established Member
Dec 26, 2006
And useful for the rest of us that love F1 and rugby world cup, or even the Hong Kong sevens rugby :) or whatever it may be you like to attend, so we can make sure we plan our 'work' trips at these times :)

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