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Getting out of Spirit

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Apr 5, 2007

I originally signed up for a Qantas Corporate Amex and paid the extra $ for their spirit program.

Only thing is I didn't realise I wouldn't fly Qantas and instead I went with *A.

Does anyone know of any way to get my points out of the 'Spirit' program and transfer them to 'Ascent'. I'd even sign up for a second card if thats what it took.

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Nov 16, 2004
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What's the EXACT name of the card product?

This may be important.

If you can change you should be able to do so by contacting Amex; don't expect a refund on the fee though.


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Mar 22, 2005
I didn't understand the question when I first read it. There is of course Choices, Ascent and Spirit membership rewards offered with American Express credit cards.

FWIW I was originally in Choices and I switched over to Ascent and all MR points I had accumulated with Choices automatically transferred across to Ascent. Not sure if you can do the same with Spirit as that is meant to be exclusively for the Qantas branded cards.

The membership rewards Spirit program does offer alternatives partners, other than QFF, to transfer your MR points. You can transfer MR points across to SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest), PC (Priority Club Worldwide) or HHonors (Hilton Honors).

If you can't transfer from Spirit to Ascent then here is an example to get MR points across to Singapore Kris Flyer.

With Spirit if you transfer 60606 MR points to SPG it converts, at a ratio of 1000:330, to 20000 SPG points. If you then transfer 20000 SPG points to Singapore Kris Flyer it converts to 25,000 KF points.

With Ascent if you transfer 60606 MR to Singapore Kris Flyer it converts, at a ratio of 2:1, to 30303 KF points. Ascent gives a slightly better conversion but all is not lost if you are stuck in Spirit.

SPG also converts at the same rate to Lufthansa Miles & More and Thai Royal Orchid Plus but only converts to United Mileage Plus at a rate of 20000:12500. Have a play around with Mileage Converter to get an idea of other possibilities.
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